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5 Reasons Why Daffodils are an Easy Solution to Create a Stunning Spring Garden

Yes, daffodils, also called Narcissus, are a great choice when it comes to low maintenance plants for outdoor landscaping and for beginner gardeners. Plant daffodils in the fall in Zones 4-8 and you can enjoy blooms the following spring for many years. Daffodils flower every spring and make colorful flower arrangements. Experts recommend planting them in well-drained soil in full sun but my daffodils planted in part shade along the woods edge bloomed just fine and didn’t need to be watered after I established them. Deer and chipmunks leave daffodil flowers and bulbs alone.

I found this daffodil roadside and took the photo because I didn’t have this variety in my garden.

Daffodils last for many years

If you buy daffodil bulbs, it’s best to plant right away. Storing them for months is hard. Fall is the best time to plant them to enjoy them the following year. They can be planted in the early spring, however, they probably won’t bloom the same year. Daffodil plants can last many years if they are planted in ideal soil and light conditions. I planted daffodil bulbs on my last property almost 15 years ago and they still come back. Depending on the temperatures, the blooms last longer when it’s colder and die quicker if it warms up to about 65 degrees.

As long as you plant them where they will be happy, you save yourself a ton of time and can enjoy them coming back year after year. They look stunning along a woods edge, in the front yard and among other spring bulbs. Another reason they are a great choice for gardens is the fact they bloom earlier than most bulbs and will add a splash of sunny yellow when the weather is rainy and cold.

They can be flexible when growing in full sun or part sun

Ideally, full sun is the best choice when seeking a space to plant your bulbs. I planted 100 bulbs that I purchased in bulk from Costco along the woods edge of my driveway. I tried to avoid planting them in too much shade so I chose spots that had more sun filtered through the trees on the top of the driveway. I don’t have to worry about watering them because we get enough rain in the spring that they don’t dry out and the sun doesn’t dry them out. They are planted in well drained fertile soil.

I love taking photos of flowers that are back-lit from the sun. I had to be patient and wait for the right moment when the sun got into place.

You have some flexibility when you can plant daffodil bulbs

You have time between September and November to get them in the ground. I have planted mine in the same time frame and I have had beautiful blooms the following spring. My biggest struggle was the longer the bulbs stayed in the bag, the less healthy they were. If I waited even a few weeks, they either dried out or had pests on them. The quicker you can get them in the ground as soon as they arrive via mail or you buy them in a store, the best chance they have to grow strong and healthy.

I have planted so many daffodils over the years that I can bring some inside to brighten my fireplace and still enjoy some in my garden.

Minimal maintenance after daffodils bloom

The only thing that you should do is trim the flowers. Their flowers will produce seed if not trimmed back which takes away energy from the plant to perform next year. Daffodils make such beautiful cut flowers for a spring display in your home so trimming them is a very easy task that will take you 10 min, depending how many flowers you have. Cut the stem at an angle so the blooms can draw up enough water while in a vase. A fresh bouquet of sunny yellow daffodils is such a great way to brighten your days.

This is not the time to be a neat freak. Please fight the urge to cut or pull the dying leaves because they need to be left alone to produce food for the bulb. I’ve also seen landscapers use a rubber band to tie around the bended leaves of each plan and this is a big “no, no.” These techniques can interfere with its ability to bounce back the next year according to the American Daffodil Society.

Naturalizing my daffodils along the driveway.

Expert tip: I’m like a squirrel, I won’t remember where I planted something if I don’t see the plant. Daffodils flowers and foliage disappear by the fall so this is important to keep in mind when planning your garden. If I am adding bulbs every year to a section of my garden, I take a bunch of photos at different angles of that area of my garden while everything is blooming so I can remember months later where I can add more daffodils.

They make a stunning display in your garden

People often ask me “how many daffodils should I plant together?” My answer is “as many or as few as you have room for.” Plant them in 3’s if you want a minimalist look or dig a big hold to plant 10 bulbs together for a more robust look.

A popular way to utilize daffodils is to naturalize your garden which means to plant them in such a way as you’d find wildflowers randomly growing in your yard. Plant bulbs under trees as long as you don’t harm the roots when digging a hole and they will get enough sun. Plant them along a fence line or a wood’s edge. Plant them along your driveway. You can even plant them in your yard as long as the foliage dies back by the time you are ready mow your lawn. It should take approximately 6 weeks.

Do daffodils multiply or spread? The fact that they are well behaved in the garden is another reason they are ideal low maintenance plants to have. One way you can get more is the divide older established bulbs and replant. Another way is to brush one flower and apply it to the stigma of another flower to create a seed pod. Did you know it takes 5 years to see blooms planted as seeds? Talk about having a ton of patience. So, there is no reason to worry about them being invasive and taking over your garden.

Let’s say yellow is not your favorite color. Don’t worry, there are lots of varieties color and design that range from orange to white to even lime green. Some varieties have large blooms, and some are tiny, perfect for container gardening. They are a great way to add color to your garden very early in the season.


Daffodils are perfect for High Vibe Gardening because they spread sunshine while most other plants are still dormant and can be enjoyed for many years. As long as they are planted in a place where they can thrive on their own with adequate water and light, they are maintenance free. There are lots of varieties and sizes to choose from, these plants can liven up garden spaces in the dreariest of rainy spring weather. Save time by cutting just the flowers and display them to get the bulbs ready for next year’s display.