About Me

My name is Cathy and I want to welcome you to my back yard.

A 4-acre property I’ve lived on for several years but before that I have lived in all types of housing. The smallest was when I lived in an apartment and had a patio. That was where I learned to garden in planters. As a kid, I grew up in a town house with a postage stamp sized property where my father planted red roses (red was his favorite color), a huge lilac tree and he built a raised bed where we planted annuals. Lived in single homes with yards ranging from 3/4-acres to 4 acres.

My father instilled a love of gardening and nurturing plants at a young age. He was born on a farm in Slovakia and he always stayed true to gardening organically here in the US. I also worked on a horse farm where they grew their alfalfa laying down manure in the fall to sit over the winter. These were my earliest influences.

As I moved to a larger size property, I had a new set of challenges to my gardening practices and I learned from more experienced gardeners. I also learned from my failures and there were a lot. But I adjusted my approach the next time and I had a lot of wins.

My husband and I both love to hike. 23 years ago, he proposed to me after a 7-mile hike to a waterfall. Nature has always been a huge part of our life.

Which is why it’s so hard to see the negative changes in our community over the years. I see garbage strewn on our highways from careless drivers. I can smell the difference in the air from where I live to a neighboring city. I see farmers who have adopted harmful practices of using pesticides to control weeds.

I would get so frustrated. I decided to use it to fuel action. I didn’t yell or demand. I felt like I had the most control over my own backyard. From there, I developed positive relationships with others’ so it was easier to have a more positive influence and they were more willing to listen to better approaches.

I know there are people who love nature as much as I do and are also frustrated with how much harm has been done but feel like they can’t change anything.

I want to tell you that you can. I want to show you how you can make a difference. I want to help you feel good about the effort you are putting in. The more people that make incremental progress…the bigger the compounding effect it has in countering the harm.

Earth is our home. We can benefit from being good stewards of the land. Our own health and wellness depends on it.

I welcome you to follow my blog to see my progress and maybe you’ll find something to help you create a difference from your backyard too. Thank you for reading this far to get to know me.

I would like to get to know more about you on my Instagram. In the comments, let me know what is working for you in your own backyard, any challenges you are struggling with and what you love about nature too. Don’t be shy to share your wins so others can learn from you too.