What is High Vibe Gardening?

I created High Vibe Gardening as a way to help people feel empowered from their own backyard to counteract the pollution and global warming then expand their influence from there.

For years, the news has bombarded us with stories on Global Warming, pollution and interruptions in our food supply. These problems seem overwhelming sometimes.

But the evidence is getting harder to ignore. And it’s reaching many of us locally.

For my area, I see garbage strewn along the highway in Pennsylvania. I’ve seen farmers change from traditional farming practices and to using pesticides. I live on a small mountain s when I come into the city, I can really tell the difference in the air pollution caused by traffic. Chronic health issue are getting more common in our younger population.

It makes me angry. The anger fueled me to take action. I began to take an active role in transforming my backyard (big and small) to work with nature not against it. We planted more trees. We use organic practices in managing pests and disease. We created an inviting environment for animals. We strengthened our relationships with our neighbors and have an easier time influencing them to change approaches that are counterproductive to nature.

Our reward is seeing fireflies again. It’s magical at night. Our reward is seeing all types of animals share our space in peace. We take pride in being good stewards of the land.

Maybe you are turning out those gloom and doom news stories of what’s happening because it’s too overwhelming. Maybe you feel you are powerless to change it.

Actually, you hold so much more power thank you think you do.

Be intentional with your time.

If you are feeling frustrated on what to do, it’s time to turn the TV off and put down the phone. The time it took to watch that news story or read the article only to feel bad at the end is the same amount of time you could’ve planted a tree or a host plant for butterflies which would make you feel good.

You have the power to change your approach and make a real difference from your own backyard. You can do it from a patio and from a 3/4-acre property. I did. You can influence others in your community in a way they will listen.

The more people who make small changes creates a compounding effect on environmental wellness and ultimately, our own health.

I created High Vibe Gardening to show you all kinds of ways you can counteract these problems from your own backyard and feel like you time was well spent on making improvements you can actually see.

That is satisfying.

Change for the better has to start from somewhere. Why not with you?

I invite you to read the blog posts that can help you start today!